Organic Ingredients

Our organic cows are grass fed on certified organic farms free from pesticides, antibiotics and growth hormones. Only natural products in - ensures only natural organic milk out.

The elements

On average our Southland dairy farms get 1,600 sunshine hours and 1,000mm of rainfall annually, making it the perfect location to grow lush grass.  

Passionate farmers

All our dairy farms have undergone years of transition to organic farming practices. We have long term contracts with our farmers and we are all committed to providing continual organic milk supply.

We are proud to call New Zealand home.

New Zealand is a small country at the base of the world, famous for its stunning unspoilt landscapes, lush farmland and for being a country where there are more dairy cows than people. We are very proud of our organic milk and our Awarua Dairy facility in the southern-most region of not only New Zealand, but the world. New Zealand's lush natural environment means that organic dairy farms produce quality organic milk. 

We are the Organic division of Open Country Dairy.

A global milk product exporter, Open Country Dairy has been a milk powder producer and exporter for over 10 years. Open Country Dairy is the largest independent milk processor in New Zealand and the world’s second largest exporter of Whole Milk powders. Now we aim to become one of New Zealand’s largest organic milk producers and exporters.


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