New Zealand's largest independent milk processor is now Organic

Why is our Organic New Zealand milk better?

Organic milk products are certified pesticide free for healthy, wholesome milk. Open Country's milk powders contain no additives, antibiotics, or preservatives, and our guaranteed organic milk comes from naturally healthy cows. Cows that are grass fed, living outside all year and free to roam the fields of some of New Zealand's most fertile farmland. Our milk suppliers are all situated close to our state-of-the-art dairy plant in Awarua, so you can be sure that all our organic milk is received, checked and processed within hours of milking. Our scale and experience ensure we consistently deliver you the very best wholesale organic dairy products, anywhere in the world.

Organic Milk - goodness from within

The creation of our organic milk products all starts with pure, rich organic soil, full of natural goodness and nutrients that grows lush green pastures for happy, healthy dairy cows. 

Latest News

Organic milk supply is a fascinating field.
Read more about our business, and changes in the New Zealand Wholesale Milk Market.   

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